White Perch Fish Fry

Catching a bunch of fish and then having a fish fry brings a family together at meal time with a different meaning. We spend the entire day together in the boat and catch a bunch of fish. At home, the guys fillet the fish while I prepare the meal. A true appreciation for where your food comes from.


Fish fillets – cleaned and washed.washingtonchickenbreading

Fish frying coating- I like this one or House of Autry

(optional) White flour – 1/3 to each 2/3c of coating used to cut saltiness

9×13 cake pan

plastic wrap

Canola oil – I use about half gallon

Deep fryer if you have one

Paper towels to coat plate and absord oil

We use our deep fryer and cook bigger batches with less mess than if I do it in the house. The fish doesn’t get cold either. I save my used grease for bear baiting.

IMG_20160807_170857974IMG_20160808_184913087_HDRI sprinkle a layer of coating in 9×13 pan. I add each fillet so that they don’t overlap. Press fish into coating then turn and press coating onto fish and make sure it has a good amount. Sprinkle more topping on top. Place piece of plastic wrap to separate layers and repeat. Once oil is hot fry in batches so that fish won’t stick to one another. Cook until golden brown…they cook very fast so watch them closely.


Serve with rice or just a salad….and tarter sauce….yum!!