Bear Season – Week 2&3 Bears and More Bears to NO Bears

Momma bear sticking her head in the barrel, which she wasted no time in tipping over for the cubs to get the food. (c) Staci Warren
Very small bear, this year’s cubs…and these bear rely on Mom to take care of them through the next winter…hence these bears…ALL of them..are off limits. They’re fun to watch, but we won’t hunt them. (c) S. Warren
Chowing down after Mom spilled the bait out on the ground for them. (c) S. Warren

Week two brought us not much luck. There were no bears on my site, no bear on the Upper Bait and the Bottom bait brought us some familiar faces. The new Infrared cameras are a no flash camera so all the photos come out black and white. Here we have the sow and three cubs that came to my bait the first week. Only time will tell if they come back. We did get some other visitors…raccoon that seemed skinnier than any
racoon I’ve seen yet this year.

Week three brought me the bear we’re calling, Skrapper, because he looks like he’s been in a lot of fights. Note the large gash on his neck, and his ears are chewed off…one mean fighting bear…I’d like to say he came back but as of opening day August 31st, no bear had showed on any of the sites.

Checking baits and hoping for a hit soon. Stay tuned!

Skrapper …notice the missing ear tips. (c) S. Warren
We removed the sticks on our barrels after seeing this…we want the raccoons eating the bait so they carry the scent back into the woods…no raccoons, less scent to lure bear. He took the wood out, but was more interested in the nougat we had for him to eat. He didn’t touch the cakes. (c) S. Warren
Skrapper full of scars. (c) S. Warren

3 thoughts on “Bear Season – Week 2&3 Bears and More Bears to NO Bears

    1. I wish I could say I have, but only on television. Boars are very territorial towards other bears, especially younger bears. My son told me there’s a bear in this area that is known for being a dog killer and hound hunters won’t allow their dogs to chase the bear called Ridgerunner…perhaps this is him? What a story his life must be.


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